The Wildseed Haircare website was born out of a passion to spread the word about the power of CBD and provide a natural product to change lives one head at a time. As we grow our online store, we will offer additional products and accessories.

The fact is, after using the "Wildseed Wellness" haircare products personally and watching the passion of the founder, Sydney Hunt, a successful salon owner bring this product from concept to reality, we couldn't help but get excited and jump into the forefront by asking for permission to help spread the word as a reseller of the product.

Watching her burning desire to provide truly remarkable products to improve the health and lives of as many people as she could one head at a time, we had no choice but to get on the bandwagon with this now award-winning product line. It provides a natural, good-for-you alternative that is unlike anything you're used to. We can speak personally of the quality of the product and the buyers are loving it. 

The fact is, we are so confident you will just love it, we will be providing a 30-day guarantee to make sure you are 100% satisfied with No-Risk.

The Wildseed Haircare Team